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Who’s Using It?

This is just the beginnings of the list, covering the recent names we have seen. More will be added as we find/remember them.

  • SourceForge - Allura, the SourceForge project management suite
  • Fedora Community - Provides a window into the Fedora distribution
  • PyF - Flow based Python programming framework with web gui for drag’n’drop graphic development
  • Moksha - Web framework that aims to simplify the creation of highly-interactive realtime web applications
  • 1000 Corks - A wine comparison / shopping site
  • OrcaTec LLC - Making eDiscovery products for litigation support
  • Glossom - Fashion Oriented Social Network
  • - Community website of a major Italian Soccer Team
  • The Voice of Turkey - Website of the Turkish version of “The Voice” contest
  • AxantWeb - Hosting Solution for WSGI and PHP application (currently beta status)
  • Noodle NG - A web frontend for a system to search a network for open Windows shares, and catalog the data made available.
  • ACR CMS - A CMS For/In TG2
  • DiggDot - The ever popular recently appeared in MacWorld as a way to let your geek flag fly. Previously, Diggdot had, itself, been digged.
  • Soda put TurboGears under the hood of Amnesty International’s campaign website promoting freedom on the internet. The site was recently featured in the Observer and Slashdotted.
  • Oprius Software has some great screencasts showing off their slick information manager. See how far you can take TurboGears widgets.
  • ShowMeDo aggregates Python programming (and other) training videos on one site.

As we’ve said above, this list is far from complete. As it stands, this is just the people we’ve noticed so far for one reason or another. If you want to have your site listed here, tell us what you do with TG (use our Google Groups), and we’ll add it.